Arnold Schwarzenegger's supplement and nutrition tips

by MARCA Media on Feb 09, 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger's supplement and nutrition tips - Full Boar Sports

Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, but back in the 1960’s supplements hadn’t quite developed to the stage that they have today, with scientifically designed formulas to maximise benefits. Here we will discuss Arnie’s nutrition tips and how we can apply that knowledge to modern supplements.


  1. Learn about nutrition

Learning more about nutrition could come in many forms. This may be personal exploration on the internet, or you may want to discuss with a Personal Trainer or more knowledgeable friend. Check out the Full Boar Sports blog page for an idea of what our athletes use as a starting point or read about some important vitamins for exercise and general health.

  1. Priorities protein

Getting enough protein through natural sources can sometimes be particularly difficult for people training hard, with the amount of cooking involved not always being feasible. This is where protein powders can be particularly useful, though ensuring a good quality protein powder is particularly important. Check the bottom of the page for the Full Boar Sports recommended protein powders

  1. Calculate your protein intake

To prioritise protein, you need to calculate your protein intake. This is another place where protein supplements can be handy; they allow you to know with relative precision how much protein you are consuming.

  1. Don’t discard egg yolks

What Arnold meant by this, was not to throw egg yolks in the bin or to avoid eggs entirely because of them. The yolk contains close to as much protein as the white and most vitamins and minerals. However, for those who are trying to lose fat or have high cholesterol they may still want to be avoided. Here supplements can help to replicate the protein, as well as the vitamins. This includes vitamin D, vitamin A and several B vitamins. Also, for those with high cholesterol, supplements are available from some of Full Boar’s key suppliers to aid

  1. Don’t fall for fat free products

Whilst there is not much to take away from this about supplements, what Arnold means is to check fat-free products to make sure they aren’t high in sugar and to not forget that it is important to still have fat. Fat is necessary for your body to create testosterone, which is important for building muscle and recovering from exercise.

  1. Supplement with protein

Protein supplementation has come a long way since Arnold’s day, but it still stands today that protein supplementing is important for those working out a lot as discussed in (2).

  1. Take a multivitamin

Just as protein supplementation was as important back in the ‘60s, so was ensuring that a hard-working athlete got their vitamin needs. Recommended daily allowances for most vitamins are designed for a more sedentary population, with athletes recommended intake higher. This is where a t multivitamin supplement can be useful as it ensures you are getting what your body needs.

  1. Eat more to gain mass

Eating enough to gain mass can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you have a naturally fast metabolism working against you. This is where supplements can help again, with formulas designed to help increase your calorie intake and maximise those gains in a drinkable form.



The remainder of Arnold’s nutrition tips refer specifically to diet; suggesting that sugar should be largely eliminated, making post-workout meals count and being careful with portions. However, what we can see is that despite us being 50-60 years on from Arnie’s time, much of what he said rings true still. With new formulas being designed will increased effectiveness, supplements can truly be a blessing for those working out a lot.


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