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Full Boar Sports Suppliers: Strom Sports

by MARCA Media on Feb 09, 2022

Full Boar Sports Suppliers: Strom Sports - Full Boar Sports

Strom Sports Nutrition are one of the most popular suppliers to Full Boar Sport. They provide a range of products with a diversity of health benefits, from nootropics designed to boost brain function, to immune support, to aiding with exercise function. Whilst many of the products are designed with sportspeople and athletes in mind, as their name suggests, several would be well suited for anybody trying to improve their general health. In this blog we’ll explore some of the most popular Strom Sports products we sell here at Full Boar.


Athlete focused products

Many of Strom Sports are designed with athletes, and in particular bodybuilders, in mind. Some of these products are focused on aiding a specific function, like hydra MAX which reduces back swelling during workouts. Others are your typical gym products like protein powders, with Strom Sports expert spin.

Bestselling supplements/products?

Strom Sports Hydra Max: Hydramax has been designed to maintain hydration levels, which in turn helps to combat lower back “pumps” that can impact all athletes but can be particularly bad for larger athletes. The ingredients have been chosen to ensure optimal fluid levels, hold fluid within cells for longer and aid in healthy urine flow which on top of ensuring fluid gets to where the water needs it, may also have some benefits in exercise performance.

Strom Sports Digest Max: Digest Max is another product that is designed with larger athletes in mind, however, is suitable for all people, even non-athletes. The combination of ingredients is diverse, with a focus on improving gut health, as well as shortening digestion and absorption time. Included are probiotics, fibre and digestive enzymes which work in unison to improve overall digestive health.

Strom Sports Velosi Whey: Velosi Whey is a revolutionary protein blend, containing 80% Whey, 20% Casein and Velositol, a compound designed to increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS) (or in layman’s terms to improve the effective of your protein). By containing an 80% Whey, 20% Casein blend then this product is suitable for any time of day. Meanwhile the addition of VelositoL increases MPS, which is vital for muscle growth and repair.

Strom Sports Essential Max EAA: Strom Sports EEA product is arguably amongst the best on the market at the moment, with serving sizes of the ingredients being derived from clinical doses. Amino acids are essential for a variety of bodily processes but also have a large function in muscle repair. In addition to this, Strom contain L-Alanine (a semi-essential amino acid) which is involved, and depleted during, the production of energy from blood glucose. By including this in the blend it may help to boost energy levels during workout, as well as aiding with muscle recovery.


Products for general health

Whilst many of Strom Sports products have been designed with athletes in mind, many of their products would be beneficial even if you didn’t exercise at all. Whilst the nootropics come under this category, they will be discussed in more detail below.

Bestselling supplements/products?

Strom Sports Support Max: Strom Sports Support Max has been designed with gym goers in mind but contains ingredients to support overall health and would be suitable for non-athletes as well. Vitamin D3 is amongst the ingredients and is an extremely important vitamin for overall health, however most people do not get enough sunlight and can be deficient in vitamin D; this is where having it in a supplement can really help. Also include is COQ10, which may help with fertility, healthy skin, exercise performance and more, with the variety of benefits making it a must have for overall health. Whether it is COQ10, Vitamin D3 or dandelion root extract, all parts of the Support Max formula have been specifically designed to keep your body fit and healthy.

Strom Sports KSM66 Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is a type of shrub that grows in Asia and Africa, which recent studies have suggested may have a variety of health benefits. The chemicals contained may help calm the brain, reduce swelling, and blood pressure, as well as benefitting the immune system. However, it can have adverse effects when taken with prescription drugs, so it is recommended to consult with a doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs.

Strom Sports Support Max Joint Capsules: As the name suggests, Strom Sports Max Joint capsules are designed with ingredients that studies suggest can improve joint health. Amongst them is Hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in between joints and acts as a lubricant; this makes bones less likely to grind against one another and cause pain. Other ingredients like black pepper can reduce inflammation, which in turn can reduce joint pain.



Nootropic substances are often known as “smart drugs” due to their ability to boost brain performance. Despite the nickname, these products are not “drugs” in the typical sense of the word (i.e., not recreational, or illegal) but rather specific compounds that can enhance cognition and memory. These products can have benefits for your regular person trying to concentrate more in work, as well as for bodybuilders who want to maintain a strong mind-body connection during their workouts.

Bestselling supplements/products?

Strom Sports Support Max Neuro: Strom Sports Max Neuro comes as both a powder and a capsule. It contains a variety of ingredients which studies have suggested can improve memory and cognition. Amongst these are Lions Mane, which can improve memory through a process called neurogenesis, which is effectively helping to build new connections in your brain. Also contained are ingredients which a less specific focus on just boosting brain function like antioxidants such as phosphatidylserine, which through supporting overall health also by extension supports brain function.

Strom Sports Support Max Neuro PM: Strom Sports Neuro Max PM differs slightly from the Support Max Neuro product, with this product being designed for night times. A good night’s sleep is arguably more important than any nootropic, which is why key additions to the PM formula are the minerals magnesium and zinc, which studies have suggested play a role in regulating sleep patterns. Also included is L-Theanine which studies have suggested increases Alpha brain waves; these are the brain waves associated with sleep.



In summary, whether you are worried about your productivity at work or trying to optimise your exercise performance, Strom Sports has a supplement for you. Strom selects all their ingredients based not just on their individual benefits, but how they work well with others, ensuring their products are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

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