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Joe Cross

by MARCA Media on Jun 24, 2022

Joe Cross | Full Boar Sports


  • Joe Cross - FBS Athlete
    Jul 31, 2022 at 10:51

    The message I have finally been waiting to post – the mini diet phase is in its final week.. hallelujah
    Mentally since I last posted its been pretty tough, feeling as if I was on prep – brain fog, zero energy, zero libido and just generally f*cked haha

    I find it very easy to switch on and embrace the suffering for prep – as there’s that distinguished end goal, but since this is just a recomp to give me a runway for progression to push back up – its been hard to accept feeling like sh*t! But needs must and I havent missed a beat as I do truly recognise the importance of this phase in the bigger timeline of being the best on stage next year.

    So in total we have pulled off 21lb.. current look is on my latest IG post and I must admit I am pretty happy with it, still 14lb~ above last years stage weight so no where near ‘peeled’ – but in 4 weeks time I could push and step and stage if I really wanted.

    Some have been asking me why I don’t just jump into a show – but for me its not about competing, its about improving. I never want to stand on stage and look the same or ‘a little bit better’ – I want to turn up and be unrecognisable and really leave a mark so I know the next phase of offseason will allow me to do exactly that.

    Today being Sunday, I head to Amsterdam with Liv for my birthday weekend which marks the official end of the mini diet (chances are after Amsterdam munchies I might need a few days to pull over the water hahah) – so I will deload for 4 days whilst I am there, then when we get back its all systems go for offseason.

    The final set up for this diet phase has been as follows:

    TD Cardio – 40 mins fasted / 10k steps
    NTD Cardio – 40 mins fasted / 12k Steps

    TD Cals – 2,500
    NTD Cals – 1700 cals (poverty haha)

    450mg Test E
    400mg Mast P
    150mg Tren A

    3iu GH Split AM / PM

    37.5mcg t3
    100mcg t4
    80mcg Clen

    When I receive my new plans from Kuba this week I will do a further update as to how the plan is going to look for the beginning of offseason, no doubt cardio will quickly come down and calories bumped to get that initial drop of fatigue and shift in fullness.. then it will be a slow and steady ascent up to peak bodyweight at the end of this cycle which is currently mapped out just prior to Christmas this year!

    Lets get massive.


  • Joe Cross - FBS Athlete
    Jul 14, 2022 at 13:50

    So update number #2…

    If you follow my instagram and last post you will know that I had blood work done, which came back in the best spot it has – cheeky plug for the Full Boar Supplements haha – but all jokes aside – this stuff is gold. My current stack year round is as follows:

    Strom SupportMAX – OCS
    Strom – Glutathione
    TBJP – Love Heart
    Supplement Needs MutliVitamin / Omega 3
    TBJP – Insure (blood glucose management)
    40mg Telmisartan (ARB) and Prevention of left ventricular hypertrophy
    500mg Metformin Pre Bed

    So following the blood results Kuba and I have agreed to finish my final weeks of this diet phase on cycle:

    - Anabolic: 400mg Test E / 300mg Mast P / 150mg Tren Ace
    - Fat Burners: 80mcg Clen / 25mcg T3 / 100mcg T4

    Ultimately training was stalling hard – fullness was visually dropping pretty fast and given the blood work it made sense to finish this phase with the best possible look so going into offseason we have some nice momentum behind us.

    From the beginning of August we will be then transitioning into an offseason – dropping the tren / mast and replacing with a titration model of NPP / Mast which I will run you guys through when the time comes.

    Since introduction of the cycle last week I haven’t dropped scale weight – but visuals have come on leaps and bounds as that fullness in the muscle is making me look visually leaner and giving a much truer representation as to where my physique is at.

    Very much looking forward to what the next few weeks bring visually for me and getting this next offseason underway.

    Bloods are good – hunger is high – bodyfat is low – insulin sensitivity is in a great spot – a recipe of how an offseason start point should look!


  • Joe Cross - FBS Athlete
    Jul 14, 2022 at 13:41

    In all honesty the transition to a lower volume PPL has been SO refreshing.
    Its been a couple of years since I last ran his training split and what I do think it favours – is its ability to STRONG AF!

    Ultimately with more rest days – and lower volume per individual muscle, I have found myself to truly dial into them sets as I know per muscle group (especially push) there are less working sets per exercise.

    Much more of an ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to them top sets.

    Every training split certainly has its place in this game and ill never be tied to one – but its certainly time and circumstance dependant.


  • Rob
    Jul 04, 2022 at 16:16

    How are you finding going back to PPL?


  • Joe Cross - FBS Athlete
    Jul 03, 2022 at 10:11

    Training Split

    Back to PPL based with a hell of a lot more emphasis on recovery and performance. From the diet below you will see calories and drugs arent high – so my ability to recover is poor. Not over reaching in the gym is key here.

    One top set on compounds – two sets on isolation – zero intensifiers right now.



    meal 1
    50g Oats, 100g berries , 30g Velosiwhey Iso, 1 whole / 3 egg white

    - Meal 2 pre 175G CHICKEN, 100g rice, 20g dark choc

    - Intra 15 g Strom EAA , 5g CREAMAX 10 g glutamine, 30g Strom Carb Max

    - Meal 4 Post
    100g cream of rice or rice based cereal
    40g Velosiwhey Iso
    50g berries

    - meal 4 175g 5% MINCE, 50 rice 100g green veg

    - Meal 5 175g 5% MINCE, 50g rice 100g green veg

    Meal 6 Meal 6 300g fat free yoghurt, 15 g iso whey 100g berries


    - Meal 1
    1 whole egg 6 egg whites 100g veggies

    - Meal 2
    40 g Velsoi whey Iso 75g oats 100g berries

    - Meal 3
    175g chicken 100g greens 50g jasmine rice , 50g avocado

    - Meal 4
    175g 5% mince 100g greens 50g jasmine rice

    - Meal 5
    175g chicken , 50g rice , 100g greens

    Meal 6
    300g fat free yoghurt, 15 g Velosi iso whey 100g berries

    200mg test E Weekly
    100mg Primo Weekly
    100mcg T4 Daily
    80mcg Daily
    4iu GH split AM/PM

    Health Supps
    40mg Telmisartan
    500mg Metformin Pre Bed

    Support Max OCS
    TBJP Love Heart
    Strom Glutathione


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