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by MARCA Media on Jun 30, 2022

Reece Mcdonald - Full Boar Sports


  • Victor
    Oct 16, 2023 at 10:51

    Hi man! During your rebound phase, did u have cardio in ?


  • Reece
    Oct 03, 2023 at 09:31


    Just a little update on all things force feeding and getting heavy!

    Progress so far this push has been very good,
    Strength increasing with some personal bests becoming more regular.
    Weight is up to 290lb now, which was my end weight peak rebound so I’m glad this weight is starting to hold and body adapting to being this heavy.
    At first 290 was a struggle, days out on the weekend were becoming a struggle, one trip being Edinburgh, walking up hill streets wasn’t much fun when you’re blowing out your arse at a new weight. But over time this weight has ‘fermented’ we shall say and my body has accepted this is my weight, hopefully allows me to add more for the rest of my push!

    There is set plan for a show yet although it will be 2024, when the dates are released I shall decide and come up with a plan with Tom for the pro debut!
    The way I feel right now, prep can’t come quick enough I’d prefer to be hungry than force feeding! But hey ho your got to get uncomfortable to grow 😄


  • Reece
    Jul 25, 2023 at 14:08

    Back from the dead….

    Been a little quiet in here, as you may know when off cycle and food lowered there’s isn’t much to talk about other than how small you look and how soft you feel 🙃

    That being said the boring part of the process is nearly over,
    Bloods sent off to blood lab yesterday and now awaiting results.
    All being good proper off-season will start next week 😄
    Cannot wait to start ramping up food, recovering like a machine and training with some aggression again!

    Goal is 300lb plus this push, not that I’m shooting for numbers but just using the weight as a guide to how much tissue I can realistically put on.
    Hoping for an invite to U.K. Arnold’s next year for the pro debut but we shall see what comes of that, if not shoot for back end of 2024 maybe a show in Europe or the states.

    Very exciting times ahead, in the mean time let’s GROWWW!!!


  • Reece Mcdonald
    Jun 12, 2023 at 14:44


    So I have now come to the end of my rebound phase after comps and am very happy with the progress made.
    My weigh in weight day before the weider was 238lb and my finished rebound weight is sitting now at 290lb that’s 27lb since peak off-season weight.
    Calories increased each week coming out of prep to eventually hitting 6.5k cals
    Gear stayed in but was lowered by taking out all orals and reducing doses down to
    450 test e
    150 tren a
    150 mast p

    In the past Iv alway made most of gains through the rebound phase then slowly through the off-season period.
    This has certainly been a good to start to adding more tissue for the pro debut in 2024.
    After this 12 week health phase and all blood work being well the push up will recommence.

    No plans of a show yet but will be back end of next year, or Arnold’s if by somehow I get an invite but not expecting to.


  • Reece
    Apr 20, 2023 at 07:49

    Hi dean and thank you.
    Off-season started with a very successful rebound where I increased my calories from 2000 coming off prep to around 4000 again all using same food as prep just maybe 2 off plans added throughout week.
    Anabolics were 450 test 300 primo at this point and i literally pushed the food up gradually to 6000cals along with progressively loading strength in my lifts in the gym. This rebound lasted for around 6 weeks.
    Then I hit a cruise and reduced cals to around 5400, my weight was around 262lb at this point and seemed to hold around that mark all through my 12 week cruise aswell as strength.
    Moving to my push phase cals we’re increased to 6000 again a few offplans a week on top, weight didn’t massively rise but body composition changed a lot and my heaviest I reached was 266 but looking tighter than I was at 262.
    Overall the visual tissue I added in a year period was enough to compete again and move up from
    Heavies to supers so I intend to repeat this with a little extra food going into my off-season for the pro debut 2024


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