Jodi Delande

by MARCA Media on Mar 26, 2023

Jodi Delande


  • Jodi Delande
    Nov 30, 2023 at 17:27

    So we’ve made it to Thailand 🤗🇹🇭 Show number 4 & my last of the 2023 season…

    I definitely didn’t hold back on my travels this year 🤭 Outside of bodybuilding, travelling is a huge passion of mine 💯 So when the opportunity comes to jump on a flight & explore a culture…it’s one a struggle to refuse!

    It’s hard because people tell me how lucky I am to be able to travel the world doing what I do…but in reality I have very limited opportunity to explore these countries to their fullest unless I am stopping there at the end of my prep. Limiting activity and on peak week and having to stick to specific food means it’s not exactly the same experience you would have if you were visiting for a holiday 🥺

    But finishing my season in Thailand will give me the opportunity to explore it, once show day has been completed to the very best of my ability 🥰 Until then…it’s business as usual to bring my best 🫡

    The look we have pushed for this show is again another risk…I wanted to end my season having pushed my physique to another level. How this will play out with the judges I don’t know…but I want to look back at my memories of this show day and know I ended the season with a look I will remember…sharp condition is what I’m opting for. Let’s see how we do….t minus 3 days 🌟


  • Jodi Delande
    Nov 24, 2023 at 07:51

    6th IN THE WORLD BABYYY 🥰 I’m absolutely buzzing to say the least…but we’re not done just yet 😏

    My goal for Malaga was to get a first call out after falling short of it at PCA British Finals. It was disappointing to not achieve that but I took it on the chin. I presented a softer look for that show because I wanted to see how it would land and it wasn’t quite what the judges were looking for. They wanted leaner…so that’s what we gave them! & I’m so pleased it was rewarded 🤗

    The feedback I received from Worlds…I’m completely on board with. One of the bits I can address immediately…posing 💯 Now…I’m not one to make excuses…my posing was off on stage. During the first round of quarter turns I got cramp in one of my calves and it was a case of continuing through it without aggregating it into a full cramp…otherwise I would have had to leave the stage. I will fix that for my next show 🫡

    The other bit of feedback was more depth development in my glutes. Again…I can see the top 5 had this over me in the comparisons. So whilst my glutes are improved from last season…there’s more to be done. I will park that for now and come back to it once I’m in my improvement phase 😏

    Last show of the season is fast approaching…9 days out from the PCA Thailand Championships 👏🏽🇹🇭

    Thailand has always been on my bucket list of places to visit, so I couldn’t think of a better way to end my season! I hope to do Team Full Boar & the PCA Team GB proud…let’s do the damn thing 😘


  • Jodi Delande
    Nov 16, 2023 at 06:06

    Pro show number 3 of 2023 takes us to Malaga, Spain for PCA Worlds…3 days out 🇪🇸🌍

    This show holds a very special place in my heart…it’s crazy to think that a year ago…I became a World Champion in my last show as an amateur and turned Pro. Something I chased for 4 years…a moment I will never forget 🥰

    The work doesn’t stop when you turn Pro…if anything…it starts again. & I’m learning that as I’m working through my Rookie season. Nothing is handed to you…you start at the bottom again & it’s your decision as to whether or not you apply yourself to keep pushing for what’s required of you at this next level 🫡

    I think the difference when you are amateur…is if you do well…it’s not often that you won’t continue to do well if you keep bringing your best. When you turn Pro…you could win one show and not place in the next…even being your best. Because everyone brings something uniquely different…uniquely their best. You could have 10 Pros in a line up, all winner worthy…so I’m learning about what it really means to be happy with taking the L even if you brought your best. Your best doesn’t always mean you’re THE best 💭

    I’m under no illusion that Worlds is going to be a tough line up. But I’m going into this with a look more representative of what the judges want from the Pro division…I took on board the feedback from British and I hope it lands better 🙏🏽

    But genuinely…I’m excited for the experience and to present a new look…what will be will be…but then win is in knowing that Josh and I are bringing a look we are happy meets what the criteria and the judges have said they would like to see more of from me. I can hold my head high knowing that 🫡


  • Jodi Delande
    Nov 09, 2023 at 16:54

    A proper ‘pinch me’ moment…your FIRST PCA USA Pro Bikini Champion 🥰🗡️🇺🇸

    Words can’t really describe how I feel right now…I’m still firmly on cloud 9…a literally dream come true 🥺

    I’ve always had big love for the States. I love being out there and it was always a goal of mine to compete out there. So when they announced they were having a Pro Show at their USA Championships…I had to get involved 🤗

    Plus…the show was in a place called Deland, Florida…so it was literally calling my name 🤭

    To just be on that stage alone would have been enough for me. I feel very passionately about the PCA & the opportunities they offer worldwide, so I want to show support and take part as much as I can…show up and represent Team GB 🇬🇧

    The win was more than I could ever have asked for or expected….I’m under no illusion that at Pro level…everyone is incredible and we all bring our own individual thing that makes us shine. So one day can be my day and the next could be someone else’s…but nobody gets on that stage anything less than Pro worthy and that’s a standard I’m honoured to stand amongst 🙏🏽

    I think it will be a while before I will really reflect on what I just achieved…but for now…I’m just in my own bubble of gratitude. A moment that will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life 🧡

    Now we lock in to show number 3 of the season…PCA Worlds…we coming 🇪🇸✈️


  • Jodi Delande
    Oct 25, 2023 at 18:30

    11 days out from show day number 2…which takes us out to Florida…& I couldn’t be more excited ✈️🇺🇸

    It’s always been a dream of mine to compete in the States. America has a big part of my heart. One of my favourite places in the world…mainly for the food but I won’t be able to enjoy the niceties this time 🫠 (I probably will fill my suitcase with a Walmart raid though 🤣).

    I love competing abroad…I did a few international pro qualifiers when I competed with IFBB/NPC, but this will be my first for PCA. & I’m honoured to be able to represent Team GB as a Pro for the bikini division.

    It’s always scary competing in a different country, because their interpretation of the criteria can vary from what you are familiar with in your own country. But if you are confident in the physique you have prepped then that’s the win 🥰 Getting up on that’s stage and presenting your work…a placing is always a lovely bonus 🤗

    We will be bringing a more conditioned look to the PCA USA Championships compared to British Finals. This look will sit more in line with the physique I’m typically known for bringing to stage, so you can say it’s my comfort zone. Im excited to present it…what will be will be 🧡

    I have a new bikini from Black Ice to wear to this show…so a whole new look…except the signature curly hair of course…that’s here to stay 😏

    Peak week is nearly upon us…1 week until we fly out…let’s see what we can do 💯


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