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Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Reece McDonald

by MARCA Media on Jun 09, 2022

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Reece McDonald - Full Boar Sports

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Reece McDonald

Reece is a full-time heating engineer, coach, gym owner and competitive bodybuilder. When he was young, Reece was always fascinated with having bigger muscles, beginning the process as soon as he got a pair of 4kg dumbbells for Christmas at age 12! We caught up with Reece to talk about the top 3 supplements he recommends and his training split.  



Reece has a 6 day rotation for his trading as follows;

Day 1: Push

Day 2: Pull

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Delts/arms

Day 6: Rest


Reece's Top 3 Supplements

Supplement Needs Intra EAA

This advanced formula by Supplement Needs contains a blend of essential amino acids, electrolytes and nutrients that all play key roles in energy production, immune function, nutrient absorption and tissue growth.

Reece utilises Intra EAA during his workouts as it provides him with all the amino acids he needs for recovery as well as it also having a good electrolyte profile for when he trains, meaning his body can be restored back it’s normal levels and he is sufficiently hydrated.

It even consists of research-backed ingredients that have been shown to support nerve growth, calm the nervous system and also act as painkillers.

The new formula now contains AstraGin®, a 100% natural compound that elevates the absorption of many vital nutrients and promotes a healthy gut environment, all while supporting the increase in muscle and strength of your body and increasing your ability to produce energy – to keep you hitting your goals in the gym!


Strom Karbomax

 Karbomax by Strom contains patented Karbolyn® which is a complex carbohydrate that raises and sustains glucose levels in the blood better than glucose and other sugars. It also helps replace muscle glycogen after you are finished training. 

This is great for before exercise to load up on carbs for maximum energy output, as it is absorbed within 2 hours unlike the 24 hours needed to digest other carbs such as bread and pasta!

This is the reason Karbomax is fully supported by Reece who also recommends the mango flavour, great if you want to turn your intra-supplement into a summer cocktail. 


Per4m Whey Isolate

A daily supplement routine is not complete without the staple for anyone involved in regular sport and exercise, whey isolate. Use Per4m Whey to increase your protein intake to support growth and maintenance of lean muscle.

Reece recommends this product as whey isolate absorbs much quicker than whey, has less carbs and for him personally, it leaves no bloat. Consuming 1 to 2 shakes a day in addition to your meals will support you in reaching your performance goals. Also, you really are spoiled for choice with the number of delicious flavours on offer!


There you have it, 3 great quality supplements recommended from first hand experience. We hope you have found this informative, if you wish to contact Reece in relation to any coaching or if you have any questions, please do so @reecemc94. You can catch him competing this year at 2Bros Regional 10X Naturals Classic 2022 – good luck Reece! To shop any of our products see our online store.

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