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Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Olivia Brownson

by MARCA Media on Feb 23, 2022

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Olivia Brownson - Full Boar Sports

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Olivia Brownson

Olivia Brownson delved into the fitness world from a quite a young age with CrossFit at 15. From here, she realised she was gifted with the strength to progress to Olympic weightlifting until she went to university, incorporating bodybuilding style training into her routine – safe to say she got the bug! Nowadays, Olivia is a fully qualified physiotherapist and online coach, utilising her BSc in Physiotherapy to aid a male/female client base of all levels.

We caught up with Olivia to find out her favourite supplements, as having the right nutrition plays just as large of a role as training.

Strom Sports Digestmax

Suitable for any person or athlete, Strom Sports Digestmax is an effective supplement derived from a simple ingredient list consisting of firstly, a fibre blend of naturally-occurring inulin and psyllium husk which is acquired from the seeds of a shrub-like herb called Plantago ovata. Added to the blend are a range of probiotics that are freeze dried for maximum effect upon intake, followed by the digestive enzymes DigeZyme and bromeline. This combination of ingredients improves the digestive transit and absorption time which is why Olivia says it is essential during the prep/diet phase to maintain good digestion. Simply add to water and you are good to go!

Supplement Needs Glutamine

 Supplement Needs Glutamine is semi-essential amino acid and one of the most popular supplements used by athletes for performance and recovery. It is semi-essential in the sense that although our body produces its own glutamine, it does not produce enough to meet the demands of when the body is under high stress, like during intense physical activity. Because of this large depletion during exercise, it is ideal to supplement glutamine such as CSN L-Glutamine – this is backed up by lots of research which has concluded that glutamine has a positive effect on muscular recovery e.g. reducing muscle soreness and immune function.

Strom Sports Hydramax

Strom Sports Hydramax is a unique tool for maintaining hydration levels for not just during exercise but for consumption day or night, even combatting the lower back ‘pumps’ that can strike in all athletes, especially larger ones. Hydramax consists of taurine which holds fluid within muscle cells potentially improving performance and endurance as well as a combination of coconut water, dandelion extract and vitamin C that ensures optimal fluid levels. Mustn’t forget the cranberry juice, which is well known for being an amazing anti-oxidant, and also having the ability to help with healthy urine flow.

Additional Supplements

Everyone cheats with their diet as we all know, and it can hard to maintain a balanced intake of what the body needs on a molecular level. The following supplements are recommended by Olivia, so you are always supplying your body with what it requires to function at its optimal.

Omega 3 & Krill Oil

Olivia recommends supporting your body and mind with Omega 3 fatty-acids, an additional benefit for not just brain health but also for fighting depression and anxiety. Omega 3 can improve sleep, bone/joint health and is also good for your skin. Full Boar Sports offers some of the highest quality Omega 3 gel capsules (500mg EPA and 250mg DHA per soft gel) but you can expand these benefits by utilising Krill Oil in combination. CNP Omega+ which brings together the finest quality Nordish fish and krill oils combined with high potency Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to give you a plethora of heart, brain, muscle and immune system benefits.

Multivitamin & Mineral Pro

Supplement Needs multivitamin and mineral is another supplement by Olivia recommends taking every day, as it provides her with a diverse range of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, the B vitamins and vitamin E. On top of this it contains crucial minerals such as magnesium, zinc and manganese – all to keep your body ticking!

Sea Kelp

I bet it is unlikely you have given thought to utilizing the vegetables of the sea, more specifically, kelp. This type of seaweed is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as it absorbs nutrients from its environment. But don’t take our word for it, The Natural Institutes of Health (NHH) has declared that kelp is one of the best natural sources of iodine, an essential component of hormone production in the thyroid, low levels of which can cause metabolic disruption and enlargement of the thyroid gland.


Supplement essential amino acids (EAA) with EssentialMax by Strom Sports, arguably the best product on the market at the moment as it uniquely replaces tryptophan (a precursor to 5htp which can cause sleepiness) with L-Alanine which even though is a non-essential amino acid, is involved and depleted in energy production from blood glucose, making it useful during exercise. Alternatively, Essential Gains by Conteh Sports is also one of the best on the market, fuelling the body with all 9 EAAs at research backed doses.

Whey Protein

Olivia understands the necessity of protein for bodybuilding and at Full Boar Sports we're committed to high quality. Our recommendation is Supplement Needs Whey Iso-Pure – a high quality protein formula that utilises only Whey Isolate as its source of protein! Whey protein isolate has a higher protein percentage and is absorbed more quickly than whey concentrate. This is because whey isolate has been filtered further and had more of the fats and lactose removed. All in all, this is beneficial for building lean muscle, reducing muscle loss and ensuring speedy recovery after exercise.

So there you go, an athlete’s advice on how to optimise your body with supplements from us here at Full Boar Sports. We are committed to bringing you the best supplements on the market, however do not think you have to be a competitive body builder for these supplement to be effective, they are just as beneficial for your day-to-day health and performance in the gym. If you have any queries regarding online coaching, you can contact Olivia via her Instagram page @ _____________ or (other contact information). We wish Olivia good luck with her upcoming bodybuilding competition at the end of 2022!

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