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Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Joe Cross

by MARCA Media on Jan 19, 2022

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Joe Cross - Full Boar Sports

Joe Cross is a personal trainer and online coach, as well as a competitive bodybuilder. Looking at him you know why people trust him on his training expertise, the guys shredded to say the least! Joe cross made the transition from quantity surveyor to personal trainer 1 year ago and started his owned online coaching service: excel coaching. However, his fitness journey began 9 years ago when he started the gym and said, “he never looked back”. His “addictive personality” led him to pursue this to extremes as he became a competitive bodybuilder, with his next showing at the Arnold Sports Festival UK (2022).

Whilst you can train as hard as you want, all experts agree that nutrition plays just as large a role. So, we caught up with Joe Cross to hear about the supplements that he uses and why! 

For overall health and longevity

Strom Glutathione MAX: The Glutathione in your body can be reduced through stress to the body, such as exercise. This can increase the amount of oxidative stress on your body, which may be a precursor for many diseases. Some studies suggest it can help fight autoimmune disease, reduce the impact of diabetes, reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s, and improve insulin resistance. It’s no surprise that this in on Joe’s overall health and longevity list! 

Strom Systolmax: The Strom Systolmax contains a variety of ingredients each with their own unique health benefits, from willow bark which acts as a natural painkiller (helping to reduce muscle and joint pain), to Beta Vulgaris (Beetroot) which contains a large amount of nutrients, as well as having potential benefits to athletic performance. 

Strom Reds and Greens: Reds and Greens is a blend of two formulas, with greens constituting leafy greens such as kale and spinach, as well as more exotic ingredients like spirulina, matcha and kelp. The reds on the other hand contains flavoursome and antioxidant rich products like raspberry, guava, and goji berry. The combination of the two creates a highly nutritious blend, packed full of iron, antioxidants and much more. In other words, a no brainer for overall health and longevity. 

Strom Support Max: The Strom Support Max is very much what it says on the tin, a unique blend of ingredients designed to support your overall health a wellbeing. From vitamin D3, one of the most important vitamins, to CoQ10, which studies suggest improving hearth health, and Hawthorn berry, which helps control high blood pressure and cholesterol, every ingredient has unique benefits contributing to a health body. 

Supplement Needs Multi Vitamin/Mineral Pro: Supplement Needs Multivitamin & Mineral Pro boasts a diverse range of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins include vitamin A, the B vitamins, and vitamin E, which play a key role in various bodily functions. Minerals include magnesium, zinc and manganese, among others. These are crucial to wide range of functions in the body. An easy way to get many of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for your body to function. 

Supplement Needs Omega 3: Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important, with many benefits to both the body and mind. For the brain Omega-3 has been shown to benefit brain health, as well as fighting depression and anxiety, and more. For the body, Omega 3 can improve sleep, improve bone, and joint health, as well as being good for the skin.

CSN Krill Oil: Krill Oil is an Omega 3 oil extracted from the Antarctic Krill species Euphausia Superba. Compared to standard fish oil, which is found in triglyceride format, the omega 3 in krill is in a phospholipid format which is more bioactive meaning it is more easily absorbed and utilised by the body. Furthermore, phospholipids play a key role in cell function.

Supplements Needs Sleep Stack: Supplement Needs Sleep Stack, an advanced formula containing a variety of ingredients which studies suggest promoting a healthy sleep. The importance of sleep for exercise is often underestimated, significantly impacting injury rate, muscle recovery and weight gain.


And so that ends the list of products Joe would use for overall health and longevity. Now we will look at the products he finds improve his performance and recovery. 

For performance and recovery:

Strom Velosi Whey ISO: The Velosi Whey ISO is a blend of pure whey protein isolate and velositol. Studies have suggested that velositol can improve the ability for your body to absorb and synthesise proteins, with amino acid uptake into muscle cells enhance. As a result of this, it is said to promote lean body mass and support quicker muscle recovery. 

Conteh Sports Essential Gain (Strawberry lime): Essential Gains is Conteh’s anabolic essential amino acid formula! Designed to help with recovery, muscle growth and hydration! Essential Gains contains all nine essential amino acids at a clinical dose, as well as a Conteh Sports patented CocoMineral®, for added hydration, and ActiGin®, to help promote muscle recovery, energy and the regeneration of new muscle cells. Whilst all flavours are delicious, Joe’s favourite is the strawberry lime! 

Strom KarboMAX: As the name suggests, this is a carbohydrate formula; it is designed to keep your energy boosted, allowing you to train for longer and recover quicker. It also includes electrolytes, helping to restore those lost through sweating. 

Strom CreaMAX: A creatine formula, with a variety of benefits, from helping muscles to produce more energy and improving high-intensity exercise performance, to increasing the speed of muscle growth. The creatine in the Strom CreaMAX is Creapure, the purest creatine monohydrate available. It also contains actigin, which is good for general gut health, improving the ability for your body to absorb nutrients and resulting in a healthier digestive system. 

Conteh Sports Mega Pump: Mega Pump is a non-stimulant pre-workout product; designed to improve focus, blood flow, and overall vasodilation to the max! This is the perfect product for anyone that trains late at night as there are no stimulants in it. You’ll be able to have a savage gym session but still be able to get to sleep at night. 


And there we have it, the supplements recommended by Joe Cross himself. Here at Full Boar Sports, we are committed to offering only the best supplements around, which is why athletes like Joe keep coming back. Though Joe is a competitive body builder, many of these supplements could prove beneficial to your long-term health, whilst others could really help to improve your exercise performance. To see more of our products, visit our site

Equally for anybody who’d like to contact Joe regarding online coaching see his Instagram page at @coachedbycross on Instagram or… {any other contact information}. He takes on a mixture of both competitive and lifestyle clients so regardless of goal, if you strive to improve yourself and become your best version then get in touch with Joe.


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