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by MARCA Media on Jun 30, 2022

Ryan Hall - Full Boar Sports

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  • Ryan
    Sep 05, 2022 at 13:00


    I’m currently 2 fights in this year with 2 wins, and looking to compete for the 3rd time this year on the FCC 31 show in Bolton in December, looking to get the win and then go on a title charge next year and get some gold round my waist.

    I wanted to have 4 fights this year but unfortunately I have been out injured for the past couple of months after tearing my calf pretty badly a couple of weeks after my last fight in June. It has been depressing as fuck tbh I’ve not been able to do any type of mixed martial arts or any fitness/strength/plyo work on my lower body. As my striking coach has constantly had to remind me it may have actually been a blessing in disguise having some time away from fighting as I’ve been in back to back training camps for almost a year which is extremely demanding on the body and obviously with weight cuts (I typically lose 7-10 kilos to make weight in a 1-2 week time frame) I was starting to get tired. It has also been beneficial in terms of recovering from other injuries, in this sport you’re never 100% but I’ve been carrying a few nasty injuries for most of the year, a few fractured bones here and there and some ligament damage in my ankle and knee.

    Over the past couple of months I’ve mostly been doing upper body plyometrics and upper body conditioning circuits and in that time I’ve managed to drop my resting HR even further which is good but if anyone has ever done MMA it doesn’t directly translate into fighting fitness which is a whole different level of fitness. I’m slowly starting to get involved in technical wrestling, striking and bjj sessions but still unable to spar or train with real intensity as anything that requires me to be explosive is still a no go. So as it stands I am currently doing 3x conditioning sessions, 3x plyometric/strength sessions, 2x endurance sessions, 2x Calestetics and 5x yoga sessions weekly. Over the next couple of weeks when I can return to proper training I will be starting an early fight camp so I will be adding 2x bjj, 2x striking, 2x wrestling and 2x sparring sessions a week.

    Current diet is just eating for performance as usual so high in protein and carbs and then 3 or 4 “cheat meals” so to speak a week as I don’t care what I look like or weigh at the moment haha.

    Current supps from Full Boar are cream of rice, multi vitamains, whey isolate and the conteh sports sleep product. I’ll update this for anyone that is interested once fight camp is properly under way.


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