Romana Skotzen

by MARCA Media on Jun 05, 2023

Romana Skotzen


  • Romana Diane Skotzen
    Jan 13, 2024 at 16:22

    Well, It’s been a minute…… To be honest this post show recovery phase has taken a lot longer than I anticipated! Only way to describe it is I have been Utterly Ball Bagged…..
    Fatigue has taken a long time to wash off. I am getting there but still find anything too physically or mentally taxing puts me in a hole for a few days.
    So, since the show we have pushed food up, dropped off cardio, reduced and then built back of training volume. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster, physically. Lots of aches and pains, a knee niggle and carpel tunnel that has been fucking up my sleep even more than normal.
    The knee issue ahs created the most issues…… currently in a situation where I have to grin and bare it during session, deal with it being pretty angry after training legs and also limiting the movements I can perform. This is not new to me but the pressure of needing to bring more quad development to my quads for the next time I choose to step on stage is playing a few mind games.
    We reached a point this week where appetite has well and truly gone…… Time for a short and sharp diet phase. What I am pleased with is hitting the 80kg mark and still having some faint glute lines. Hoping this diet reset will put me in the position to push further with food in a few weeks and still hold a decent body comp while doing so.
    For now, it’s just a case of seeing how the next few weeks unfold.


  • Romana Skotzen
    Nov 13, 2023 at 10:46

    So. Where to begin….. THE OLYMPIA.

    I started writing this on the Saturday after the show but midway through it wax clear, my brain still wasn’t on this planet hahaha. I will try and break it down as there is so much to say.

    This post is mainly about talking through the event. I will share thoughts and feelings in a few days.

    The Olympia was A LOT….. but amazing at the same time.

    First was checking into the hotel Wednesday night. Casually wondering round this really nice hotel thinking “they’ve let us Muppet’s in” was very strange but exciting. Think it was at this point that Shaun Ray mistook Dan for one of his mates…… So many names just milling about.

    On to Thursday….. The level of commitment required of the athletes for various obligations is high. The top placing competitors from the previous years have to attend a press conference at 12 pm. We went to watch for a while, Again so so odd to see all these big names in bodybuilding in 3D rather than Instagram. I mean, we were sat 4 seats down from Chris Asteo, who, casually yelled across us to get the attention of Dave Pulumbo – he then made his way down the row of seats, trod on my foot hahahaha, apologised profusely and continued on to sit with Chris. I know they are all just normal people but it’s still a lot to process. Dan stay to watch but I bowed out early to go back to our room and nap – #allofthefucked.

    It was then on to athlete registrations in the afternoon at 4 pm, which included getting instructions for the next day, poster signing, photos for social media and sorting routine music. All while feeling ball bagged and water loading hahaha.

    Thursday night before the show I was obligated, with all the other athletes to attend the “Meet the Olympians” event. Its started at 7 pm, first layer of tan was applied at 6 pm (are you beginning to see how hectic this all is one day out from a show) and the event was held in front of the main stage, it was very bright, loud and hot. Slight sensory overload here. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome to sit there and meet/ chat to people but a certain amount of importer syndrome set in there as well as just trying to muster the energy to talk. I mean, imagine if you can, doing all that 1 day out from such a big show.

    Last base coat of tan was 9 pm (I’m very pasty so always book an extra coat). Then back to the room to wait for Dan who had to make a last minute dash to Walmart…. THAT is an experience in it’s self – more on that in my next post.

    Finally asleep about 11pm. Up at 5am as had make up and hair between 5.30 and 6.30, then top coat of tan at 6.45. The strange thing about the Olympia for me as a competitor is that the hotel room was so close, we were told exactly when to get back stage so no waiting around, crammed in with other competitors like at other shows.

    When the time came to get back stage, that again was different. Only competitors allowed. Dan had no 4G, wifi was so slammed due to the volume of people that he couldn’t get on that either so relaying instructions was tricky but we got there. Lots of good information passed from the back stage staff and eventually it was time to line up.

    The first time the Judges saw me….. I was in a line up with the current WPD Ms Olympia (Natalia Coelho), Top 5 Olympian (Brook Walker) and in between a top 10 Olympian (Emily Schubert) and 2 time (now 3 time – she won the show) Ms WPD Olympia – Sarah Villegas! To stand shoulder to shoulder with this level of competitor was daunting but exciting at the same time.

    It was then on to individual presentations, as usual, I LOVED this. Posing and being on stage. the feeling it gives me is my ultimate goal behind bodybuilding. Placing is a bonus but being up there, doing my thing, that’s my happy place.

    Comparison rounds were next and my energy was fading fast. The months pf prep and fatigue from sleep deprivation the last 6 weeks or so was hitting me. 3rd call out and moved straight to next to center. I am happy with that for my Olympia Debut.

    It was room to wait for the results of pre judging. Only top 10 went on to finals and the wait was killing me. I knew deep down it wasn’t to be but also had to considered it could be a close one so the plan had to stay in place regarding food and hydration until we knew for sure. Finals started at 6 pm and come 4 pm I was getting very restless as still no word on placings. We decided to go for a little walk for distraction and that’s when the news came…. no top 10 for me. First thing I did was to crack open a bag of dried figs I had brought over from the UK (I know, I’m weird but anyone who followed my off season would have seen how much I love an anabolic fig hahaha).

    Once we had the news, we decided to go get a few last photos in my stage bikini, then showered and headed for dinner, Turkish…… our favorite. A little wonder around Orlando’s Icon park with a stop off for desert. Then we crashed! Sleep was very much needed.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me, donated to the Go Fund me and generally showed an interest in my story.

    Off season plans are being hatched!


  • Romana Skotzen
    Oct 15, 2023 at 19:08

    Just under 3 weeks out….. Mr Bastick has cut my calories even lower to get the last bits on condition to come through. 1400 cals on a Training Day, 1200 cals on a Non Training day. Not going to lie, slightly anxious with how this will feel over my 3 days of work next week. My latest little trick to manage cognition during this deficit is to split each meal into 2 meals, allowing a slow drip feed of energy during my working day.

    As always, I will make it work.

    Woke up today with some indications of under recovery, shitty nights sleep, weak hands, swollen forearms, feeling run down. All the signs were there this morning that I am at risk of digging an inflammation hole. When this happened a few weeks ago I had to have 2 complete rest days to allow that to wash off. We don’t want to get to that point again with such little time before the Olympia. A day on the sofa was in order. Hoping that tomorrow I will be all good to hit Legs and 90 mins of cardio. As important as pushing for condition is, it’s a balance between allowing the body to recover from the fatigue promptly.

    Flights are booked. Air BnB is 50% paid, hair and make up to go. If you want to support me…. the GOFUNDME link is still live…

    Can’t wait to get over there. 6 shifts left at work. 17 days of prep left. Last bit of digging/ Pushing.

    Anxiety wise, it’s still there. Not as bad as prepping earlier in the year but start CBT tomorrow so hoping that will help me cope with some of my less healthy mental habits and manage my symptoms. It’s hard going from out going and cheery to being someone who avoids replying to messages and can’t relax in the evenings. Prep doesn’t help with this but I know that I have made progress. It is just as important to work on our mental health as it is our physical. I have been waiting for this referral since April and have made significant positive steps since but know there is still work to be done.

    If you are struggling with mental health along side bodybuilding, remember this sport can feed into those feelings. Most NHS trust in the UK have self referral pathways to mental health services. Just google “mental health support (insert your area)” and something should come up. I urge anyone struggling to seek help. This is hard enough, don’t go through it alone and unsupported. Reach out to your GP, to local services, take time to stop and reflect on how you are feeling. Is it manageable? If not, get some help.


  • Romana Skotzen
    Sep 27, 2023 at 19:23

    Another busy week…….

    Changes to diet implemented from the 26th Sept. Reduction to carbs and fats across both training day and non training day. Poverty rations of 30g of rice in 3 of my meals.

    Meal 1 – oats – remains high at 60g to make sure I have the cognition to work in the mornings. Same for my pre workout meal that I actually tend to eat towards the afternoon as I’m still training fasted before work. Again, this is to make sure I have the brain function to work.

    Didn’t expect to be on Prep still while being on the training course for my new job as never expected to qualify for The Olympia. But, as always, I’m finding a way to make it work.

    This week I’ve had the added issue of developing a cold. Nothing bad but add in Prep, training course and general life and I’m left feeling utterly ball bagged by the end of the day.

    Sleep has started to be an problem too, I seem to sleep quite well until about 3am and then just keep waking up or just doze until I eventually get out of bed between 5 and 5.30am. Roll on the weekend when I’m not tied to a laptop.

    I only have this week left working full time before dropping to a 4 day week next week. From the 9th, I’ll only be working 3 days a week and I can’t wait.

    It may mean we have to really push hard for the last 3 weeks before we fly out to florida. Luckily, I know my body can change very quickly when I really start pushing things.

    That’s not to say I’m not pushing right now, just that time is tight with working 8.30- 5pm. I now only have 30 mins for lunch so no more lunch time cardio annoyingly.

    Anyway. That’s about it for this week. Just doing the do, making the things happen.


  • Romana Skotzen
    Sep 18, 2023 at 16:15

    Been a bit slack with updating my blog recently as life has been alllllll of the hectic.

    We have set up base camp in Suffolk as its easier around my new job and prep. Currently juggling a training course that’s 8.30 – 17.30 Mon to Fri. Hence why I have been so rubbish at updating here.

    Up early for either cardio or pre work strength session (or trying to squeeze in both before work), on my hours lunch break it’s back in the gym for more steps and cardio followed by finishing off both or strength training after work. Barely enough time to squeeze in a pee from all the water I’m drinking hahahaha.

    Cardio is currently set at an hour.

    PED stack has been increased, currently running NPP amd Primo along with my Femtest and as of last week… Anavar has been added in daily. Clen is a staple. We tried Yohimbine but it had an impact on anxiety levels so had to be dropped.

    It’s just a case of grinding through the next couple of weeks till the end of the training course when I’ll drop down to 3 days a week.

    When we hit the 2 weeks out mark, we also have a house move to navigate. We are moving to Suffolk full time so as to save money. Hopefully enough for a deposit for our own place.

    Suffolk is the ideal place to prep. Gym on Dan’s parents farm which means I can squeeze everything in during the day but leaves very little down time.

    I was meant to guest pose yesterday but having to travel for my 2 days off from work would have put me in a mental and physical hole for days. Something had to give amd sadly it was the guest pose. We learnt from last weekend when I traveled to Birmingham for the weekend. Took me until Wednesday to start sort of functioning again and even then I need 2 complete rest days to rinse off all the fatigue.

    My tell that I need to pull back is that I get awful tightness in my forearms. It was so bad that my hands were shaking (defo not the clen…. this hits different). Que Dan and his shovel mits having to work through my forearms to get some relief.

    After a weekend staying still, I feel much better at the start of this week.

    It was my birthday on the 14th and coach Bastick kindly programed a high day. All clean sources bar last meal which was sushi, even that was literally salmon, prawns and a sprinkling of avocado. Saw weight rise to 160lbs from a low of 153lbs the day before. Check in on the 16th and I was back down to 155lbs. Hopefully hit a new low this week.

    For now, like I said, it’s all just a grind. But it’ll be worth it. As a very good friend reminded me yesterday. I get to stand on the most prestigious stage in bodybuilding…… and I cannot wait!


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