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Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Tim Aspinall

by MARCA Media on Jun 09, 2022

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Tim Aspinall | Full Boar Sports

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Tim Aspinall

Saying Tim was a sporty youngster is bit of any understatement, with him partaking in sports such as rugby, football, athletics, boxing and cross country. This led to him competing at county level in some of these sports, but he chose to take football further playing with Derby County before moving onto Aston Villa. 

Unfortunately, injury brought this to an end and Tim found himself in the gym a lot more as part of his rehabilitation, building his strength back up and as a result, enjoying seeing the development of his physique. In 2015, he started working with Jordan Peters and began his journey as a bodybuilder. 

Tim is now a mortgage broker and physique/lifestyle coach, with a degree in Business Management backed up by years of experience and knowledge within the fitness and bodybuilding industries, gained through courses and attending seminars (as well as picking the brains of industry experts).

In regard to coaching, Tim’s client base is currently split 50/50 with competitive and lifestyle clients with him now wanting to grow the competitive side more. Tim has shared a range of supplements that he uses and highly recommends, which we will delve into in the next section!


Overall health and nutrition

“If health/bloods are not spot on then there is a huge risk of long term, irreparable damage we are doing to the body including the vital organs. The supplements below tick the boxes need in order to keep health bang on.” Tim Aspinall

Strom Support Max

Support Max by Strom Sports is a product designed for individuals with the gym engrained into their routine. A blend of quality ingredients such as N-acetyl cysteine, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin D3 and Betaine.

N-acetyl cysteine helps the body produce more glutathione which results in improved liver function, whilst also being a kidney protective agent, being shown to possibly reduce kidney failure.

Betaine is a compound derived from sugar beet with lots of research backed evidence that shows that it significantly improves the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, aiding the breakdown of food.

Strom Support Max Joint

Max Joint by Strom Sports is a product tailored to combating joint pain, which can occur with a packed gym schedule. The main ingredient is glucosamine sulphate which is a widely used supplement for tackling joint pain in people with osteoarthritis, a condition where cartilage in the joints breaks down.

It also contains patented Hydrocurc® which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and even enhance muscle recovery after training.

Vitamin D

Supplement Needs Vitamin D3 is the best way to provide your body with essential vitamin D, a nutrient vital for healthy bodily functions as it improves the immune system, maintains healthy blood calcium and phosphate levels, as well as supporting your bones and teeth.

As we all know, the sun can be quite shy in the UK so utilising this supplement will make sure you are always getting your dose!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, plays a role in several important functions of the body for example, being necessary for the growth, development and repair of all the tissues in the body.

Supplement Needs Vitamin C powder contains 100% ascorbic acid, so you know you have the highest quality supply of vitamin C at your disposal.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are derived from fish oil and are incredibly important for the body and the mind. Supplement Needs provide omega 3 gels with high EPA and DHA content, meaning they are of incredible quality compared to cheaper brands with a lower content of EPA and DHA.

There are range of benefits to utilising this product as part of your daily routine for example, omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to fight depression and anxiety as well as improve sleep, bone and joint health and they are great for your skin.

Digestive enzyme

Having your digestive system working at its optimum is vital for overall bodily health, as it means we can break down and absorb the food more efficiently to supply nutrients throughout the body where they needed, especially if your lifestyle is heavily focused around sport and fitness.

Tim recommends CNP enzyme which is a probiotic designed to support the digestive systems of those who are physically active. Containing patented Lactospore® and Digezyme® coupled with calcium and zinc, CNP enzyme contributes to the metabolism of macronutrients, testosterone levels and the functioning of the immune system.

Strom Support Max Neuro PM

Neuro is a clinically dosed cortisol management tool by Strom Sports that helps relieve stress and improve cognitive function by increasing nerve growth factors in the brain that help in the production and growth of new neurons.

Consisting of an incredible blend of ingredients such choline, an essential nutrient, which supports the liver and brain, and KSM-66 Ashwagandha, which is a research-backed herbal formula that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory and even promote strength.


Pre workout

HR Labs Defib is a highly dosed, research backed formula for advanced trainers that redefines pre-workout. Packed with high quality ingredients such citrulline malate, derived from the amino acid L-citrulline, which increases the amount of oxygen in your muscle tissues. That way you can have your muscles working at their optimum when you are putting in the work!


Intra workout

Making sure your body has an on demand supply of the essential amino acids means it can perform anabolism better, which is the creation of complex molecules in the body whilst simultaneously storing energy.

Conteh Sport’s essential amino acid formula doesn’t just provide you with these vital compounds, but it is designed for recovery and muscle growth by containing ActiGin to help promote muscle recovery, energy and the regeneration of new muscle cells. It doesn’t stop there though, Essential Gains EAA also contains CocoMineral for additional hydration!


Post workout

Protein shakes are a staple for individuals of all abilities for before or after training, to maximise muscle growth and recovery. Velosi Whey Isolate from Strom Sports is Tim’s go-to for post-workout protein. What separates this product from the rest is that it contains pure whey isolate for faster absorption, and patented Velositol which is a marvel of a compound.

It firstly doubles the rate of muscle protein synthesis as shown in a recent study, due to its complex of amylopectin and chromium increasing the uptake of amino acids. Secondly, Velositol activates a cellular protein called mTOR which is vital in building lean muscle – so it great for putting on size but also shredding you out!


There you have it, a rundown of Tim’s favourite supplements for overall health and nutrition as well some more catered towards workouts. We wish him luck in his upcoming competitions in the 2022 season – the 2Bros Raistrick Royal Rumble, the Arnold Classic Amateur in October and the NPC European in Spain. If you want Tim’s help with becoming the best version of yourself, you can contact him @timaspinall. To learn more about the Full Boar Sports team, check out our blog page

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