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Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Harley Judge

by MARCA Media on Mar 01, 2022

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Harley Judge | Full Boar Sports

Discover the Full Boar Sports Team: Harley Judge

Harley Judge is a bodybuilder and online coach, as well as one of the Full Boar Sports athletes. We caught up with Harley to find out what his favourite supplements were and why, as well as to learn a little about his training split.

Naturally competitive, Harley started his fitness journey at a young age playing a variety of sports, including boxing for several years. He started at the gym at 16 and soon enough he was in love with weightlifting. He went on to compete for the first time in 2019, winning the UKBFF British championship and getting his IFBB elite pro card not long after. However, he’s not yet had a chance to use it as he pursues the IFBB pro status.


Harley’s training split

Day 1: Push

Day 2: Pull

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Push

Day 6: Pull/hams

Day 7: Rest


What supplements does Harley use?

Harley uses a variety of different supplements, from vitamins and probiotics for overall health, to creatine and EAA’s for recovery and performance. Let’s have a look at what he uses.




Harley recommends a multivitamin, which makes sense as it is essential for anybody to get the right nutrients and minerals. However, it’s extra important for people training hard. At Full Boar Sports we recommend Supplement Needs Multivitamin and Mineral Pro, a high-quality formula containing all your essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for a variety of bodily functions and is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies. That’s because it’s difficult in the modern world to get enough sunlight, and that’s why Harley has a vitamin D3 supplement to ensure he’s getting the right amount for his body to function properly. At Full Boar Sports we’d recommend another Supplement Needs product, their vitamin D, which comes in the natural form your body creates from sunlight.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another essential vitamin for the body, though it does come in the Supplement Needs Multivitamin and Mineral Pro, some like Harley find it beneficial to have an additional supplement of vitamin E.

Vitamin B complex

Harley recommends another Supplement Needs product, the Vitamin B complex. This is a combination of the essential B vitamins, delivered through a compound called L-5-MTHF which helps the B vitamins absorb better. Again, many multivitamins will include the B vitamins, but Harley has the additional supplement to ensure he is getting what he needs as it is an important vitamin for converting your food into fuel.


Digestion and gut health


Probiotics are in effect capsules with billions of microorganisms in, which sounds a little strange, but these are the good bacteria which live in your gut and contribute to a healthy digestive system. A healthy gut can have an impact on a wide variety of different areas of the body, including mental health. It might be starting to sound like an advert for Supplement Needs, but again the Full Boar Sports recommendation must be their probiotic.

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes also contribute to a healthy digestive system, and it’s no wonder Harley concentrates on his gut health. A healthy gut can ensure that your body is making the most of its nutrients, which is incredibly important for people training hard. The Full Boar Sports recommendation must be the CNP enzyme, an advanced digestive support formula.


Performance and recovery


EAA stands for Essential Amino Acids, and as the name suggests it is a blend of the 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids bind together to form proteins, and as a result they play an important role in all bodily functions, including the production of energy from glucose. Our recommendation at Full Boar Sports has to be Strom Sports Essentialmax EAA, a unique formula which replaces tryptophan with L-Alanine and works extremely well along side a carbohydrate formula.


Hydramax is another product by Strom Sports, designed to maintain hydration levels. This is particularly useful for larger athletes like Harley as it helps to reduce the impact of lower back “pumps”, pains in the lower back hat can plague all kinds of athletes.


Creamax is a unique and high-quality creatine formula designed by Strom Sports, that delivers a clinically calculated dose of pure creatine monohydrate. It stacks well with the hydramax formula, no wonder Harley has them both on his list.

Mega pump

Conteh Sports mega pump is a non-stimulant pre-workout, ideal for those that prefer to workout in the evening. It has been designed to improve focus, blood flow and overall vasodilation, which is the expanding of the blood vessels so more blood can be pumped at once.


Another Conteh Sports product, the carbdrive is a unique carbohydrate formula, designed with Cluster Dextrin as its source due to its high molecular mass and easy digestion. This is ideal for during workouts, and through the inclusion of Glycersize, CocoMineral and Actigin, it really makes this product one of a kind.

Velosi whey iso and Per4m whey

Strom Sports Velosiwhey and Per4m Whey are both whey isolate protein formulas. Protein formulas can be extremely useful if you’re training hard in the gym, as they can help you to reach your daily protein targets in a quick and easy way.


Other health benefits

Sleep stack

Just as Harley makes sure he has rest days in his training split, he takes supplements like the Supplement Needs Sleep Stack. This aids in healthy sleep, which is incredibly important if you’re training hard, with some studies suggesting under-sleeping can result in a 40% drop in cardiovascular performance.

Support max

Strom sports support max contains a variety of ingredients and has been designed to support proper functioning of the body for gym goers. This is particularly true if you’re working as hard as someone like Harley.

Support max joint

As I’m sure you can imagine, weightlifting can put some strain onto your joints, particularly when the weights get heavy. Strom Support max joint has been designed with this in mind, to support healthy joints and minimise damage.



There we have it, the supplements that Harley Judge uses. If you’d like to learn more about the different supplements and training splits of the Full Boar Sports athletes, check out our blog page. For online coaching with Harley, contact him @harley_judge, he takes on both male and female clients and his extensive background of sports and weightlifting, on top of his personal training qualifications, make him an extremely knowledgeable coach.