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Sean Barber

by MARCA Media on Jun 28, 2022

Sean Barber - Full Boar Sports


  • sean barber
    Aug 30, 2023 at 20:17

    Wellllllll, where to start?, it’s been a while!…. last update back in July was Bicep Surgery was happening, due to the incompetence of the NHS this has been put on the back Burner.
    so rather than being a coach potato we decided to enter prep…..

    so here we are, currently sitting at 5.5 weeks out of our PCA PRO Debut, and things are starting to get nasty, I actually feel my current condition is around 3 weeks out, and I’m feeling all usual traits of being 3 weeks out, hunger, lethargy, tiredness, but the dieting phase is almost complete.

    then we can fill up and be dry,hard and full AF on stage.

    androgens currently -
    600mg test
    400mg mast
    200mg trenA
    50mg var
    clen 80mcg
    yohimbine 10mg
    aromasin 25mg

    with halo dropping in next week.

    first show will be the british, the worlds in Spain, and finally Thailand in December ……then its bye bye bodybuilding for me… but we will be going out with a bang, the way its looking it will be an additional 7lbs up from stage in 2021, and well take that all day at this stage in BB career.

    into another week we go with new changes, less food, literally air now, cardio in..last push for 2 weeks


  • sean
    Jul 01, 2023 at 12:02

    VLOG 10***

    So here we are 2 weeks from bicep surgery x3, feeling excited and ant wait to have this finally done by recognised surgeon.

    For the last 2 weeks I’ve put myself into an aggressive cut to put me in the best possible position to come out of surgery, and into rehab, in that time we’ve pulled off 5.8kg (12lbs), as this is a good 12 lbs as cals were already sat at maintenance, so there was no normal initial water weight drop.

    cals currently sitting at 2500 on TD, only steps running at 12k per day, zero cardio.

    you can see my latest progress shots on my ig @coachedby_smb.

    once surgery is concluded, it’ll be 2-3 weeks rest, then rehab begins, then we aim for the pca universe come may 2024.


  • sean
    Jun 12, 2023 at 13:49


    May done and dusted and now into June, business wise, may consisted of a lot of travelling with Client shows but a lot of client success, athletes multiple wins and overall swords with the pca.

    personal wise the road to pro show has taken a halt, we’ve had some issues with right arm (detached bicep side) to which I’ve gone private with, and now in the hands of the same surgeon who repaired Nathan da ashas bicep.

    aestheticllty its never looked right either since 2nd surgery in 2020, with the bicep still sitting a good 4-6 inches higher up the arm than normal leaving a huge void…. after talks with the surgeon we are going in again with a 3rd procedure, he’s given me odds of 90-95% identical to my left once fixed .

    this unfortunatly does mean the end of prep this year with recovery time etc etc, but now we aim for the universe in may next year, and complete with 2 working, identical biceps


  • sean
    May 11, 2023 at 08:46

    VLOG 8**

    a busy month of April, and may started in the same fashion, clients taking wins across pca and ukup shows, and this weekend we travel to Ireland for pca once more, and then hull the following week for a first timer with 2 athletes in.

    on a personal level I can now reveal that myself and fellow team mate josh will be working together, josh will be guiding me into my pro shows later this year.

    plans have been sent over and the next 6-8 weeks are all about “pre prep” phase, reducing androgens to give the body a rest, get some labs done, assess and then blast into prep around late June time.

    ill be honest, my mind hasn’t shifted into gear yet, and currently things feel differently regarding my mindset, I’m confident this willl change come 6-8 weeks time…….

    watch this space


  • sean blackford
    Apr 12, 2023 at 11:51

    VLOG 7**

    Its been a while, but still being extra productive, the season has kicked off, and a recent trip to Thailand to watch client rio take the overall sword at PCA Bangkok, that accompanied with moving house and some tragic personal news led to a challenging hectic month.

    everything is now settling, and we are back into the groove, having 3 weeks off training due to the above will leave us in good stead for the remainder of the season, the goal hasn’t changed and were still aiming for the pca worlds and first pro show, then we will move to Phuket Thailand for pro show number 2 a few weeks later.

    training resumed this week, and the unveiling of a new coach to come in a few weeks time…….. watch this space


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