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Josh Mchale

by MARCA Media on Jun 29, 2022

Josh Mchale - Full Boar Sports


  • josh
    Nov 09, 2023 at 19:33

    just under 4 weeks post show now , the last weekend was a good one for the team. mia coming away with an ifbb pro card, jodi taking a pro win in Florida and tom winning the overall pro model at pure elite. all looked class couldn’t be happier with how the weekend went

    crap week for me catching hand foot and mouth from mason so its a week out of the gym , foods hard to get in with a blistered mouth, dont recommend getting it

    using this as an opportunity to pull peds back now for a few weeks before we start to titrate up again. ill be getting bloods done soon (now alot easier with FB offering the new service )
    we will just address anything that needs it , otherwise it will be pushing on again and making the most of still being in a good position with regards to bodycomp and appeite.

    the next push up should see me hit peak bodyweight at a muych lower bodyfat than i previously have been , very much looking forward to this offseason

    and on the coaching front pca first timers/ open this weekend then off to spain for jodi competing at the worlds !


  • josh mchale
    Oct 24, 2023 at 18:41

    first week of the post show rebound

    food up at 3.3k cals – in reality this week been higher with a full day off plan post show and the odd extra bit of food creeping in – standard

    peds increased straight away as we had allowed for an increase post show with only running a 12 week prep
    total AAS taken to 2.3g now – test – mast / primo
    gh at 8iu per day

    bloods will get taken at 6 weeks post show to see how things are looking at peak dose / post prep

    all in all feeling good appetite settled now, with the help of some semiglutide which iv found personally really good the last couple weeks


  • Josh Mchale
    Oct 10, 2023 at 16:10

    currently 5 days out , todays check in we pulled another 400 cals for today and tommroow
    primed to load from thursday , a few additions this week with arimidex going in along with anadrol on thursday

    hit my flattest point this prep which was the goal prior to loading , currently sat 23lbs up on last stage weight and a much much better look

    10 clients competing over this weekend along with myself so as always i just let joe take care of the plans so i can focus on bringing my clients in at their best
    its going to be a good weekend


  • Josh Mchale
    Oct 04, 2023 at 19:12

    10 days out from finals , still dropping just over 1lb a week

    some tweaks to the ped stack this week , increase in winstrol to 100mg per day with anavar being taken out to help drop off water now prior to peak week
    as of sunday / monday we will begin fat loading prior to the carb load

    at this stage now we are just pushing for a few more days to drop off a little more , really flatten out so when we do start to fill we see a big shift in intra cellular fullness

    feeling fucked now as expected at the arse end of prep
    but its a welcomed feeling now as the visuals are certainly reflecting that


  • josh mchale
    Sep 27, 2023 at 08:48

    3 weeks out check in !

    getting close now in terms of condition , this week changes mainly in peds to focus on shifting some of the water being held now so yohimbine and gh dropped out
    winstrol in now, the combo of this and another 2 weeks of fat loss should land us perfectly for peak week, prior to fat loading
    sat at 25lbs up on 2019 stage weight , so that should be around 20lbs up with condition not being too different , but a much much better look!

    calories still not changed since the first ones in prep, 2.7k cals 11.5k steps is the intake and output which has been the same throughout


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